[travel + ootd] see you coron in 2018!

by mutzii-

“Fortune favours the brave and energetic.” Don’t look back — forward, infinite energy, infinite enthusiasm, infinite daring, and infinite patience — then alone can great deeds be accomplished. We must set the whole world afire.”

Dearest Lovelies,

I’ve mentioned in my previous post that we’ve already booked our flight to the Philippines. Today, I’m so happy to tell you that it is also confirmed that we’ll be travelling to Coron Island! I’ve been checking for cheap flights in the last couple of days, but to no avail. The prices just keep getting higher. Below is the fare summary that I gathered from checking Cebu Pacific the other day.


The grand total is 426,47€ for 3 persons, which is equivalent to ₱8,231.96 (142€) per head. That’s quite pricey because it’s just a few bucks to the total cost of my flight to Singapore two years ago. I would rather spend on a fancy hotel than on a short local flight. We were almost to cross out Coron Island to our travel itinerary but then, I saw this post from Skyjet Airlines’ Facebook account.


My heart was seriously beating so fast that moment! What a fortune! It was 12th of July, which means I still had two days to look for someone who’s willing to go to that venue and book the ticket for me. I hurriedly dropped a message to my younger sister in CAPSLOCK to let her know the intensity of this request. LOL. I am that person who chats in all big letters when I’ve so much feels to say. Thankfully, my sister’s rest days fall on these dates.

I was so nervous and excited when it was finally the day that my sister has to go to Skyjet Airline’s booth in Trinoma. I was even more worried-sick when the last message she sent me was that she had to fall in a very long line. That scenario actually never crossed my mind. 😐 Knowing her, she dislikes long lines. Not because she’s impatient but because her body has a low tolerance when it comes to standing for long hours and especially, in the middle of the crowd. I had that same sickness, too. It runs in our family I think.

This half day that she didn’t reply to me was almost like 12 years. She’s lucky enough because she’s far away and all I could do was to flood her inbox with my messages. Because if not, she could have received a quite long reprimand from me. Cos older sisters tend to be bossy as we all know, and we dislike it when we don’t get a reply right away. A little bitchy as it may sound but I think that’s our nature?

Meanwhile, after going home from our outfit shoot today. My beloved sister finally replied and confirmed that she was able to get the seat sale for us! Look how much I paid!!


₱8,373 good for 3 already! Ehhhhk!!! The wife and I were so happy. Finding a good deal really requires a great amount of patience and perseverance. We spent the rest of the night searching for the perfect hotel. Luckily, we were also able to tick this task off from our yet long list of tasks to do. Haaaay, I can’t wait for 2018!! <3

Today’s outfit features the wife’s fresh basic look, adorned with this incredible scarf. I love how this scarf beautifully fits almost every outfit.






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