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taking care of under eye skin naturally

taking care of under eye skin naturally

Let’s talk about taking care of the skin under our eyes. This might be the least priority of some when it comes to skincare but for me, it’s a big deal. That’s why I’ve listed a few things that help soothe, regenerate and treat this most delicate part of our face.  Read on to find out more!

My mom was in her 30s when I became particular with skincare routine. I was at the onset of puberty then and pimples were my constant buddies. But unlike Mom, I was never into skincare products. I was firm in my belief that natural beauty is still the best. So, instead of using these products that my Mom was buying for me to treat my pimples, I prefer to use natural home remedies such as egg white or papaya masks to exfoliate and freshen my face. Meanwhile, I may not be blessed with good skin because my pimples didn’t break up with me until I turned 20, but I’m proud to say that I have good eye contour. It’s in fact, the only area, which was never invaded by the monstrous pimples. Even my sister used to be jealous of my eyes because I don’t have big bags or if I’m sleepless the puffiness still doesn’t look bad.

But a few weeks ago, I freaked out when I noticed that the skin under my eyes started to look saggy and tired. ‘OMG. This can’t be!’, I screamed while checking the area. I start blaming my late night (over)working and of course, my ageing. LOL. I understand now why my mother had a strict skincare routine back then, up until now actually, because skincare sort of completes her. She can’t live without her moisturisers, cleansers and more.

So, when I was finally able to calm down, after finding out that lovely sign of ageing, or maybe let’s just say ‘stress’. I went to the fridge and checked if we still have cucumbers there. Thank God, we still have! Cucumbers are my favourites when it comes to pampering and treating my overused eyes.

The following are also proven and great alternatives to treat tired, puffy eyes:

  1. chilled spoon
  2. cold water
  3. egg whites
  4. milk
  5. eye creams

EYE CREAMS! Yes, I’ve added an eye cream to the list because it’s my latest discovery. Plus, I’m much more particular with how my eyes look that’s why it’s either I’ve got eye makeup to make them more beautiful or sunnies to protect them. And now, a natural eye cream for added protection! Thanks to my wonderful job because as part of it, I got sent over with awesome products like this.

organic natural vegan eye cream

organic natural vegan eye cream

About the product

What I love about this eye cream is that it’s 100% natural so it’s almost similar to my home skin care remedies. The only difference is it’s more advanced and specifically formulated to fight early signs of ageing, which I absolutely and honestly need right now!

organic natural vegan eye cream
Baie Botanique Rose Renew Regenerating Eye Cream
organic natural vegan eye cream
The book I’m currently reading to put myself to sleep at night.

You can feel the effect the moment you apply it to the skin around your eyes, the same feeling you get when you place cold spoons or chilled cucumbers over your eye area. It’s very soothing and my eyes feel so refreshed after applying it. I have so sensitive skin that’s why I was surprised when it didn’t leave my skin feeling irritated. Most of all, I like that it’s totally handy! I can bring it anywhere with me for an instant fresh look! Of course, I’m still into my fave cucumbers and other plant-based skin care remedies but don’t you think it’s very unlikely to have them while traveling? Unless, of course, if it’s for quick delicious crispy snacks. So, it’s really important for a skincare product to be lightweight. And Baie Botanique Regenerating Eye Cream isn’t just handy, its stylish bottle and rosy smell make the best accessory!

shop at www.baiebotanique.com and use my code MUTZII for 20% off your order

What’s your favourite skincare for your eye area?