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“I believe compassion to be one of the few things we can practice that will bring immediate and long-term happiness to our lives…” –Dalai Lama XIV

All I do today is smile, laugh and giggle. It’s been one of the happiest Sundays for me. After so many days and months of agonizing, of not talking to most of the people in the family, of sleepless nights and endless thoughts, warm acceptance and delightful opportunities (blessings in disguise) have finally give way to forgiveness.

Now I only hope for brighter days to come (even if the weather gets so unpredictable –like what happened this afternoon). I was supposed to wear something for the cold weather, assuming that it would rain as forecasted. But it was the opposite and the sun was so hot that I spent a couple of minutes tossing and turning, changing clothes.


At long last, I felt relaxed and decided to wear this boho pink dress instead. The bright afternoon also gave me the chance to wear this pair of off-white wedge sandals I bought not so long ago. What made me decide to wear this dress is its ability to cope with the weather. It’s wearable both on hot and cold season. You can wear something, like a tube dress, cami + skirt inside to warm you up on colder days while you can have it as is if the weather is too hot.

I was right on picking this dress because the sky went dark and after a few minutes of walking around, the heavy rain has started falling. The rest is history..

What do you think of my outfit today?