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skimpy bikini bottoms • a summer wishlist

skimpy bikini bottoms • a summer wishlist

“The secret idea she was forming of an afterlife gave her the foothold she needed to endure the agonies to come, a newfound courage and optimism which found instant expression through SHOPPING.”― Lucy Ellmann

So, my playful mood goes on. I was organising my closet and came across these skimpy bikini bottoms I purchased not so long ago. I can’t wait to wear them finally! Just a few more months and I will be able to wear these babies again.

I used to be so coward when it comes to wearing bikinis. I’ve had a very low self-esteem. I was always conscious of myself, my skin and my body. Because of that, I would normally choose the less skimpy ones whenever the swimsuit season comes.  But maturity has started to shape me and taught me how to get rid of my inferiority complex. And the more I age, the fiercer I become when it comes to dressing (and undressing lol) up. With that being said, here’s my top summer wish list that includes fearless skimpy bikini bottoms. Check it below!
Scrunch Butt Skimpy Bikini Bottom – Yellow
yellow skimpy bikini bottoms yellow skimpy bikini bottoms
Seamless Surf Tie-Dye Skimpy Bikini Bottoms – Blue
Zigzag Skimpy Bikini Bottom – Purple
purple skimpy bikini bottoms purple skimpy bikini bottoms
Seamless Hipster Skimpy Bikini Bottoms – Blue
blue skimpy bikini bottoms blue skimpy bikini bottoms

I already have the black and pink so I think I will get these colours next time I purchase new ones.