[shopping] ice-cream & new cosmetics

by mutzii-

“Some women feel the need to act like they’re never scared, needy or hurt; like they’re as hardened as a man. I think that’s dishonest. It’s ok to feel delicate sometimes. Real beauty is in the fragility of your petals. A rose that never wilts isn’t a rose at all.”― Crystal Woods

Dearest Lovelies,

Just sharing with you a few highlights of my day today…

I woke up late and too lazy to cook so I declared this day as an early cheat day. We usually have our cheat day on the weekends but today was an exception. The wife had a stressful week from work so I asked her for a date, which something she deserved cos I have to say.. I was also quite an addition to her pain (in da butt) during the past few weeks. I’m guilty, I know. I’m a very funny person but it’s tough to be with me, especially to live with me. So, from time to time I’m making up for all the evil deeds I have done and that’s thru her tummy! I wanted a decent lunch but she opted for something reaaaal junk, so we ended up at McDonalds ordering our usual meals. All chicken meals! I was salivating over the bacon burger but I was scared that I won’t finish it so I opted for a Caesar Salad and my usual Chicken Nuggets. I ended up taking home the Chicken Nuggets cos the salad was already way too heavy for me (at that moment, that’s because it wasn’t my hungry time yet. I’m usually starving late afternoons).

I wanted a decent lunch but she opted for a junk food like McDonalds, so FINE.



 Then, we went to DM for a quick grocery shopping (it was actually not in the plan!). I ended up buying myself a new lipstick and eyeliner because my fave lipstick is almost done and so with my eyeliner! Guess what!? I super love my new lipstick! I wanted the other brand but it’s out of stock so I got this Miss Perfect Lip Chubby. And I was happy with its pinkish nude effect.



After which, we had ice cream and stroll around to search for a yellowish belt to complement with my new shoes, but we failed and ended up with a black leather jacket we got from kids’ section.



And of course, the finale.. we dropped by at Lidl, which was a few steps away from home, for a bottle of wine (or two!) and some blumen 😍…



I’m really hoping to have a beautiful weather this weekend so I can finally share with you to which dress I plan to pair the latest shoes that I purchased.



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