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[outfit + diary] love is love

[outfit + diary] love is love

“We should indeed keep calm in the face of difference, and live our lives in a state of inclusion and wonder at the diversity of humanity.”–George Takei

Dearest Lovelies,

I woke up with a message from a friend telling me that Germany legalized same-sex marriage. According to CNN, “The bill gives homosexual couples in Germany the same rights as heterosexual couples, and will allow same-sex couples to marry and jointly adopt children.To be honest, I don’t really understand. On March 20th of last year, Daria and I were united through a civil partnership. All along, I thought it was a marriage. I only learned it later when I had to complete a paper. I was about to check the ‘married’ status but I saw the ‘civil partnership’. Daria said that ‘married’ is for the hetero while the latter is for us, same-sex couples. That kinda raised my left eyebrow but whatever. Daria’s civil status was recognized anyway because she has lesser tax now than when she was still single so I would rather see the positive side of it than to argue as to why they have to separate same sex from the ‘married’ group. I have also learned that civil partnership doesn’t give same sex couples the right to adopt or that my partner for example can’t adopt my child if I decided to have a baby of my own. I’m not so sure about it but the thought of too much paperwork the moment we decide to grow our family is already hurting my nerves. So I hope this bill that’s been passed on this time would save us from a bunch of paperwork someday.

When I learned about my personality, my attraction to same sex. I’ve only wanted someone to be with me forever. I don’t really care about the law or anything that would only make my relationship complicated. What’s important is that we love each other. But then, there’s this law that might take away our rights as a human being. The law that is bound by the church or religious beliefs that instead of putting things in order, sometimes they complicate the situation even more. Just how stupid it is to run a campaign against discrimination and yet same sex people are still separated from the ‘normal’? What kind of hypocrisy is it to preach about kindness in humankind in front of hundreds of people on a Sunday mass when in reality most of these believers cringe the thought of same sex relationships, thinking that we are immoral or that we need medical treatment? Just because it’s against the Bible? But Bible is just a book, isn’t it? Ehkk.

A holy calendar I received from one of my best friends, just because she knows that I’m not really a religious type..

I used to dislike LGBT activists group for being loud but in some way, I can understand them. Sometimes we have to create noise for us to get heard. Without these courageous fellow rainbow family, all of us ‘the special, blessed and gifted ones’ probably are still in the most corner part of our closet, hiding our true colors and going with the flow of stereotypes and pretending to be ‘human’.

Meanwhile, the wife went home today with a small bouquet of yellow roses for me and champagne to celebrate the good news and the Friday itself.


And because red is the color of love, today’s outfit features this dope Red Crew Neck T-Shirt from Rosegal, I personally picked for the wife despite a small misunderstanding that day. Just how sweet I am, right? I know.. 😛










Outfit Details: Rosegal Red T-Shirt | Bershka Skinny Jeans | Adidas Gazelle Sneakers