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basic outfit & things that made me happy in 2017

basic outfit & things that made me happy in 2017

It’s finally the last day of our school days for this year. I felt relieved because it means I don’t have to wake up early in the morning for a couple of weeks. It’s one of the reasons why I have all the super energy again. I have to admit that I had a terrible attendance during the last quarter of the year. Not because of laziness but because I struggled to sleep at the night, which makes it so hard for me to get up in the morning.

But thank God for the New Year! It may not be here yet but I’m thankful already because it means another chance to start fresh. A perfect time to change whatever bad habits that we want to change with ourselves. I’m really hoping I’d be able to change these annoying habits.

In the meantime, let’s recall all the things that made me happy and thankful this year. A lot of people think that I’m that one person who’s hard to please. But in actuality, I’m just that simple girl who only wishes for the simplicity of life. You’ll know what I’m saying when you’ve read the list of things that brought joy to my life for the year 2017:

Boe  Of course, it’s self-explanatory. She’s been always there by my side, through thick and thin, good times and bad times, and even thru my psycho days. I could build a monument for her for keeping up with all my ugly crazy attitude. Ughh, me and my attitude problems! I cringe at the thought of my bad days when I tend to be so so mean and the people who often suffer are my loved ones, the Boe. And yet, despite my ugly sides, she’s still there forgiving, accepting me all the time. And that I’m really really thankful for.

Family – Distance has never been an obstacle! I’m 6000+ miles away from them but that didn’t even change a thing or challenge our close family bond. I feel like we’re even closer and more open to each other now. Plus, the new additions to the family as mentioned in my Family Tree.

Parents in law – They’re simply the best! They have welcomed me in the family with open arms and genuine hearts. Proofs are these never-ending gifts that we still keep getting from them, especially from Mudra! Even though it’s been almost 2 years since the Boe and I have been together.

Friends – Both old and new. I had the opportunity to catch up with some of my friends a few months back and it’s good to hear things that I didn’t even expect to hear from them. Some of these friends were those whom I would only often joke around with in my previous works, that’s why I was surprised hearing serious words from them. Like how they are proud of what I become now, or that they already expected even before that I would come this far (as if I’ve really come that far lol). For the new one, I’ve got a boss/friend who is the only person I constantly talk and brainstorm with aside from the Boe. She’s has a good heart, very patient and someone who doesn’t take things personally. I like that I can be totally open and brutally honest with her when it comes to working. My best friends, we may not talk a lot like we used to be when I was still in PH but once we all have the opportunity to gossip thru Viber, OMG, I hardly feel the distance. I actually miss them so much! Especially, our food trips!

Classmates –They are nice, kind and always willing to help. What I like most is, religion isn’t an obstacle for them to express how they feel. They are in fact, very funny. The level of their sense of humour sometimes even surprises me because I grew up thinking they have super conservative rules to follow. Although, some of them still carry the shyness or awkwardness, probably because they came from an extra-conservative nation. I will for sure miss them once our language class is over. 🙂

Blogging –This is another self-explanatory. It makes my heart jump whenever the word ‘collaboration or sponsorship’ pops up in the subject line of the emails I receive. I really never thought that my blog would help me grow professionally and personally. Aside from that, I’ve got a couple of my favourite bloggers now whom I regularly visit and catch up with thru comments. I love this kind of friendship because I always receive good inspiring words from them. 🙂

Good people – What can I say? People are so polite here in Germany. I feel glad whenever a co-passenger greets me in the morning while waiting for our bus. Or the nice barista who makes my coffee with always a big smile on her face in the coffee shop near my school. Or that random guy who gave an extra .50 cents for my bus fare because I didn’t have smaller money that time. Or some little girls I came across with while shopping, who would even sometimes come near me and look at me as if I’m an alien. LOL. This is something normal to me so I don’t feel offended or anything. Because even when I was still in PH, little kids have always been so amused by the giant moles on my face.

You what made you happy this year? I’d love to hear your story!

About the Outfit

This is by far, my most favourite outfit! I like its super simplicity!! I told the Boe that I’d like to wear basic sometimes but she argued that I can’t wear basic because it always ends up ‘extra’. Ah, whatever she says, this one is still basic for me. Hmp! 😀 I love everything in this outfit, most especially the faux fur cardigan and the women knitted beanie hat from TOSAVE that transformed the whole look. I love the beanie so much that I actually wear it every day to school! <3


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