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how to effectively blend hair extensions for a more natural look

how to effectively blend hair extensions for a more natural look

If you like more volume of your hair, then wearing a hair extension is not just a brilliant idea, but stylish, too. What you only have to do is to master blending extensions with your hair. Not to worry though because if you can create a perfect pair of eyebrows with makeup, you sure can do it with your hair as well.

Blending hair extensions is as simple as picking the right colour for your hair combined with the proper length and maintenance. You can achieve a perfect hairstyle using an extension by following these guidelines.



Choosing a hair extension that doesn’t blend well with your natural hair color might cause an odd look. You should select an extension that is the same colour as your natural hair. In some cases, two shades can also work. However, it is important that you know whether the colour of the hair extension that you’re choosing would blend well with the natural colour of your hair.



Once you have chosen the right colour for your hair. You can check the next pointer, which is the length. Of course, choosing the length that’s the same as your hair length is ideal. If you prefer a longer extension, then it’s best to style it up by doing some hairstyles such as braids. Keep in mind that the shorter the length, the easier to blend it. You can utilise the longer extensions by combining it together with some layer-blending wefts.



It is important that you know how to take good care of your hair extension. When you’re not using it, make sure to keep it in a clean, dust-free place. You should comb it regularly like how you comb your hair. Also, the extensions should be washed once a week, preferably with a hair moisturiser or conditioner.


If you consider wearing hair weave, whether to have thicker hair or for fashion purposes, you should only choose reliable retailers. For example, Her Hair Company is your best choice, if you’re looking for 100% virgin hair bundles and lace closures. Try exploring more types of hair extensions and you’ll be amazed by its beauty. Just don’t forget to treat them like it’s your natural hair to prevent deterioration and to maintain its shiny texture.