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ooTV series • guess my age in this outfit

ooTV series • guess my age in this outfit

Hello, lovely people! What I’m going to share with you today is a long overdue outfit post. The pictures and the video were taken a few weeks back but I’ve been really busy to find time to publish them. Seriously, I wonder when I will stop talking about how busy I am. I think managing my time will be my biggest resolution for the upcoming new year. I would love to be more organised in the future, most especially when it comes to work-life-balance. I do believe that if I start putting things in order, my life would be more productive, healthier and happier.

Life Updates

So, just to give you tiny bits of things that have been occupying my time the previous days aside from work..

  • MY GERMAN CLASS – I’m thankful that I passed my A2 Level with good remarks. I had an almost perfect score in Reading, Writing and Speaking but not with Listening. I’m seriously disappointed with the result of my Listening because I was doing great during the mock tests. But somehow, I kinda lost my brain during the actual test. I tend to be really competitive when it comes to passing a test that it quite upsets me whenever I don’t get the score that I aim for. Plus, I have to take this language class seriously because next year is another huge milestone in my overseas life.
  • COOKING/EATING – I’m spending so much time in the kitchen lately! It’s not because I’m suffering from emotional eating but it’s in fact, the other way around. I think Cupid has overstayed at home and shot me with his arrow, which made me fall in love with life, even harder this time. Because I’m cooking not just because it’s one of my passions but also because I love it when I see how the wife drools with pleasure each time she eats lunch or dinner with me. Isn’t it satisfying when someone, most especially your beloved one, appreciates your hard work? Also, I’m trying out a lot of dishes lately because I would also like to cook for my family when we finally get home to the Philippines. I’d like to make my mother proud because I grew up knowing nothing in the kitchen. 😀 And lastly, my mom in law asked me to cook for the Christmas eve! <3
  • CUDDLES – Haha! I’m becoming more and more sentimental like what I’ve mentioned in my previous post that I’m getting too lazy and cuddly these days. It could be part of growing old or JUST THE WEATHER. I prefer the second one – cos hello? Winter is coming! 😀

About the Outfit

Speaking of growing old, I’ve decided to dress my age in today’s outfit. Heels and a little granny look with this very warm and stylish longline cardigan from Rosegal. Full outfit details is be found in the latest OOTV SERIES on our Youtube video!

longline green cardigan

longline green cardigan

 longline green cardigan longline green cardigan

longline green cardigan autumn fall style fashion