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[diary] doctor’s day

[diary] doctor’s day

“Times like this were special. Memory builders. When something extraordinary happened to a person the kind of things remembered forever after it didn’t have to be a life-changing event like a graduation or marriage or birth of a child. It more often was the small things. The sheer joy of summer sunlight on a fragrant flower. The giggle of a toddler. The brush of a lover’s fingertips. And the person marks the moment with the flashing insight thinking… This is special. I should remember this” ― Sandra Hill

Dearest Lovelies,

Just wanna share with you some highlights of my day (in bullet form)!

1. But first, COFFEE.

2. Cleaned the kitchen.

3. Dressed up the chicken for dinner.

4. Prepped up for doctor’s appointment – I don’t like the fact that I have to go back alone. I will be forced to speak German. And I AM not so ready yet.


5. Doctor’s Appointment

Taken at the Clinic.

6. Cooked dinner –– so yumm!!!!

7. Made our PH itinerary ––– we’re so excited!!

8. Worked for Client 1.

9. Worked for Client 2.

10. Blogged (atm)

And now, it’s past 4am already and time to sleep! 😐